About the Derby

The Box Office Theory's Derby prediction game is developed and designed by Andrew Little and Shawn Robbins, with additional contributions from Carlos Uribe, Chris Harvey, and valuable feedback from beta testers and forum donors.

The Box Office Derby is a box office prediction game originally conceived by Brandon Gray and Sean Saulsbury in 2002. After their departure from the company whose site hosted the Derby, the popular game and forum community were shut down in 2011.

Earlier that year, The Box Office Theory launched as a blog before ultimately becoming a new home for the community. Reviving the Derby and giving it a new residence has been one of this site's biggest goals over the past four years (and one of the community's most frequent requests).

Plans slowly (and far from easily) came together for a new game over the years. Now, it's finally here.

To play, begin by entering your predictions here. To learn more about the game and how to redeem prizes, please check out our Help page.

We'll be making efforts to improve the game experience after its public launch. To report bugs or errors you encounter, or to submit any game-related feedback, please visit the game's support section.

Please note that mobile functionality for the game is a work-in-progress.